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[h2]Welcome to Trekstir Lite![/h2]

Trekstir Lite LITE Children’s Book App is a FREE Windows Phone application. Whether your child/children are traveling to a relative’s house, visiting a friend, going on a doctor’s appointment, or just relaxing in their favorite place, they have a take along book app that is “Stirring your imagination for the journey ahead…”.

[callout1]Trekstir Lite was created for young emerging readers.[/callout1]

Children can easily read, listen and interact with the story. With an adult narrator, as well as a child helper narrator on the interactive items, the Trekstir Lite app keeps the interest of the reader in a brain active but calm manner. In addition the app has very few ads. There are NO advertisements within the story so as to keep the readers focus.

All pages have a forward and back button. Within the story the next button appears after 5 seconds so that the reader can hear the narration clearly and take a moment to interact with the items on the page. You can select any character on the page and a child narrator, or fun sound effect will play to help tell the story. Also try dragging some items such as bees and birds, they will buzz and fly back to their original location.

The current Trekstir Lite LITE version comes with one FREE fun story “The Great Watermelon Sled“. This is a story about a young boy who gets to spend some fun quality time with his loving grandma. He plants a magic seed found in a jar in his grandma’s cupboard. Download the app to read the story and find out what happens! See how much the boy enjoyed his time with his grandma and his dog.

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