UX design is really a way of storytelling. So we created stories utilizing research, focus groups (my son, nieces, and nephews) and pain points which are transformed into fun adventures for children and adults.

Windows App / Ebook

TrekStir Children’s Book App

Trekstir Lite was created for young emerging readers. Children can easily read, listen and interact with the story. With an adult narrator, as well as a child helper narrator on the interactive items, the Trekstir Lite app keeps the interest of the reader in a brain active but calm manner. In addition the app has very few ads. There are NO advertisements within the story so as to keep the readers focus.

Children’s Books

The Great Watermelon Sled

A story about a young boy who gets to spend time with his fun-loving Grama discovering and planting a magical seed. The surprise that takes place will delight all readers!


A story about a young star fish who is the fastest in the sea! She loves helping others and uses her quickness to make special things happen to all she meets. StarZOOOM.


A young panda learns how to shake off a grumpy day by the easy going nature of others. Lessons are learned through this new story from TrekStir, PANDYPOO.

The Good Shoes

A story about a young boy who enjoys adventures with his play shoes and realizes that these are his good shoes. Funny adventures lead to shoe bonding, The Good Shoes.