Illustration is a way for me to remember what is around me. I love to tell stories in a analog way to really feel the art piece. It helps to keep me connected with my mind and body.

Illustration / Fine Art

Learning To Dance

The “Learning to Dance” original art piece created with Oil pastels, and chalks depicts a scene of two young children learning to box.

“Flaming June” Rendition

Flaming June Rendition created with Air brush acrylics, oil pastels and sticks. I remember how brilliant the oranges captivated me when I saw the original. So I wanted to capture the color and calmness.

Before We Get Dirty

The “Before We Get Dirty” 24 x 36 inch art piece was created in watercolor in remembrance of my grand mother working and her family working there way up to Montana.

Emerging From The Sea Glass floats

The Emerging From the Seas glass floats artwork was created on the computer. Living near the ocean in Washington state, I was always hopeful to find a glass float beached on the sand ready to unveil some magical past clue of its origin. So while I waited I created four glass floats which tell the story of  the season it was found.