Project Description

Web Development / UI / UX / Graphic Designer

Ecommerce web development with the Netsuite environment. Amazon and Newegg web page creations of Rockband 4, Farming Simulator 17, Tritton Audio, FightStick, and R.A.T. PRO X. Created Facebook banner and print posters.


Amazon Consumer Process

I wire framed a process for Madcatz to attain the consumers profile data before being directed and lost to the Amazon website.

Netsuite Madcatz Ecommerce Website

Supported the Madcatz Netsuite ecommerce website with web development, UI / UX research, design, and optimization.

Amazon HTML Templates

Designed and developed responsive templates for the Amazon and Newegg product websites for the whole team to use.

Madcatz Facebook Banners

Created banners for the ecommerce, marketing, and social websites. Along with designing posters, ads, and tags.