Live Plant Order Process

User centered design, plus live plants and ecommerce goals, creates interesting pain points which bloom into unique consumer experiences.

UX Design – Simetri

Design Problem

Our consumers, retail and wholesale customers were not getting a clear branded feel. The wholesale website was totally different then the retail website. It almost felt like they were dealing with two types of businesses. Further, we wanted to upscale the brand of the website to engage more consumers to purchase our patented plants. With our current website you really could not see the plant, and the plant looked not alive.

From a business perspective we needed to have a more secure website which needed less support of the cart module, and for it to be automated with our backend product inventory system. Also we wanted more automated marketing ability.

Users of the Product

Our retail customers are plant lovers which spend from $20 to $250 per order. While our wholesale customer spends $250 to $1000 per order, and usually reorders monthly. Both types of customers are based throughout the United States. They enjoy our succulent and cacti plants and are personally proud of them. This consumer is usually well versed of the type of plant they want, and have usually searched for them in their local area.

User Data Analysis

Pain Points

  • Slow order process and internal server errors. – “I clicked on the place order button three times and nothing happens!”
  • The plant they received did not look like what they ordered online. – “This echeveria plant was supposed to be more pink according to your website”
  • They wanted the ability to use coupons and gift cards. – “I wish there were coupons I could use”

Persona Creation

Ideation & Storyboards



Simetri Website

The Simetri Boutique Succulent eCommerce website was built on Shopify to utilize a secure shopping cart, and to give us more ability to customize the experience to attract more consumers to our patented plants. Along with giving our marketing team more ability to connect with the consumer and raise our ROI.