Windows Phone Application

UX design is really a way of storytelling. So we created stories utilizing research, focus groups (my son, nieces, and nephews) and pain points which are transformed into fun adventures for children and adults.

UX Design – TrekStir

Design Problem

The TrekStir windows phone application was created to market our children’s books. This application would need to be simple enough for a 4 year old to use, while being interactive enough for a 7 year old to enjoy. live.

Goals we wanted to meet:

  • Make the stories be the main focus not the interactivity.
  • Stories to be easily read and comprehended in a calm matter.
  • Allow only one audio file to play at one time.
  • Next page button animation to only display after the page verbiage was completed. This would make the user slow down and actually take in the story.
  • Animations support drag, audio, and vibration tactile sound.

Users of the Product

We created this application for English reading children and guardians. The Children would be between 4 to 7 years old and have a windows phone to support this application. A guardian would expect their child to take about 30 minutes to complete the story.

User Data Analysis

Pain Points

  • Children clicked through the pages without reading the page. – We created a timer for the page to only display the next page button after 5 seconds.
  • They played more then one audio file at a given time. – We added functionality so that only one audio file would play at a given time.
  • The child sometimes did not know that they had selected an object. – Vibration tactile sound was added to some object clicks.
  • Clarity of artwork. – Artwork was created to be simple with only one weight of shadow upon art object.

Persona Creation


  • 5 years old
  • Speaks English
  • He is competent in using a phone or ipad to read his stories.
  • Billy is waiting for his doctor’s appointment or sitting in traffic with his guardian.

Wireframe & Functional Spec.

Ideation & Branding



TrekStir Children’s Book Application screen recording

TrekStir Phone App

Trekstir Lite enabled us to showcase our books in Comic-Con and with publishers. Children were able to easily read, listen and interact with the story. With an adult narrator, as well as a child helper narrator on the interactive items, the Trekstir Lite app keeps the interest of the reader in a brain active but calm manner.